IFB 6.5KG TL65RDSS Aqua Sparkling Silver TL FA WM

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  • Fully-automatic top load washing machine: Affordable with great wash quality, Easy to use
  • Capacity 6.5 kg :Suitable for families with 3 to 4 members ; Maximum Connected Load (Watts): 360 ; Power Supply: AC 220 – 240/ 50Hz ; Water Pressure: 0.3 bar to 8 bar
  • 4 years comprehensive warranty and 10 years spare part support
  • 720 rpm: Higher the spin speed, faster the drying time
  • Water Level: 8
  • Special Features: Water Inlet Selection: Cold
  • A big LED display screen is the new range of top loader washing machines will complement your home decor and you will definitely find them easy to use too
  • Effective 26th May 2018, all customers who have bought IFB top load washing machines will be eligible for 4 years comprehensive warranty


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